A club for women
A club for women

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Michelle Chapman

Well hello and welcome to the Ladies Circle website!  I am super excited and beyond proud to have the opportunity this year to serve on the National Exec and am looking forward a great year of inspiration with Jo Hudson and her fantastic team!

I joined ladies circle about 150 years ago, I have aged well if I may say so myself and this is because the stresses of life are so much easier to face when you have an army standing at your shoulder.  It’s taken me several years to realise this but, it’s all good when you are in Circle.

I can talk for ages about Circle and how much it can change and empower women, if you ever want to know anything or hear any stories to make you laugh until it hurts… I am probably your girl.  So, if you are curious, #GetInvolved!

A bit about me personally - I’m 41, married to a fantastically accomplished and passionate Round Tabler; JPH and we live in Lincolnshire with our darling girl Sophie & our four (yes four) cats.  JP & Sophie are both Ambassadors for Round Table Children’s Wish and so our home is a real 4 Club Family Clubhouse.  Professionally, I run the family Wrought Iron Manufacturing Company with my father and also help JP administer his Print & Embroidery company. 

As you can tell, I have masses of free time and so have recently begun to learn magic tricks…. watch this space!!

#Inspire I take my inspiration from Baroness Trumpington (the name alone makes me love her!).  She was a code breaker at Bletchley during WW2 and up to her 91st year, she never missed a single session in the House of Lords.  In addition to her genius mind, she has a brilliant sense of humour and a beautifully rebellious streak – my favourite moment, when this woman who lived her whole life in a world where women were told to shut up & sit down was caught on video flicking the V sign to a fellow Peer in the Lords who called her old! 


Yours in friendship


National Exec Admin 2018/19


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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"