A club for women
A club for women

Immediate Past President

Jo Hudson



Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for your support during my stint as Ladies Circle GB&I President, it is so very much appreciated and I really hope you had a fabulous time inspiring one another #Inspire.

As my year as President ends my career in the RAF will soon come to an end too, as I will have completed 22 years’ service. So, as I carry out my duties as IPP and baking lovely goods for the new National Exec and supporting Lindsay Pickard #celebratingfriendship, I will also be getting married in August to the lovely Ian and becoming step mum to Matthew who is 7 years old, oh and also looking for a ‘civvie’ job, wish me luck!

The role of IPP is to look after the National Exec and guide and advise the current President where needed but to also act as liaison for the Conference for the following year, which entails attending meetings and skype calls and feeding back to the membership at council meetings.

I will also be out and about at the Regional Events and some charters so please say hello on my travels and I look forward to speaking to many of your over what will be my final year in circle!

Yours in Friendship

Love Jo xx

IPP 2018/2020