Why I Love Ladies Circle

Ever have one of those moments where someone you’re chatting to at a party starts talking to you about a great club they belong to and why you just have to join? Yep – #awkward!

Whilst I’m a pretty sociable person, the thought going along to a women-only club called ‘Ladies Circle’ conjured up all sorts of dodgy images. Still, I thought what the heck, I’ll agree to go along once just to shut the person up and I’ll never have to/want go back again. What happened next, I’d never have predicted.

Fast forward fifteen years and incredibly I’m now the National Vice President and have been telling everyone I know about our amazing club!

So, what is Ladies Circle all about and why do I love it? Well, first and foremost it’s given me more friends – no, I’m not a Norma no mates, but by going to events, trying out new activities I now have friends all across the UK and further afield internationally, so wherever I go for work/fun, I can call up local members for an instant fun night out or sometimes a place to stay.

Secondly, I’ve got way out of my comfort zone and tried out loads of different activities – I’ve been on an extreme watersports night, to a gun club (and discovered I have a wicked aim), tried out dragon boating, rock climbing and so many other types of events I’ve lost count.

I’ve also been away with my ‘Circle’ friends loads and we’ve been to the Christmas markets, for raucous weekends away and trips overseas to meet up with other international members. It’s just brilliant – we all come from different backgrounds, but we all have a passion to do more, get involved and to make a difference. On that note, I think our big differentiator for our clubs is that although we love the fabulous social side, we’re keen to get involved with our local communities and give our time to make a positive change – we also fundraise for local, national, and international charities. Yes, we’re all time poor these days, but even by doing a little bit, things can change.

Yes, our organisation has in the past been known for having lunches and members donning a hat or fascinator for a special occasion, but we are so much more than that! Activities vary hugely across the association and from club to club – but you’ve got to look beyond the prejudices to find out more. Our rich history stems back to 1936 and early members earned the media title of ‘the women who wouldn’t wait’ through their campaigning efforts for cervical cancer screening amongst other lobbying initiatives. Today, Ladies Circle is a fantastic and active association that everyone should know about.

Our membership numbers have been hit hard by Covid, but this year Ladies Circle celebrated its 86th birthday and aside from the huge party we had in Scarborough, the stage is set for the club to grow from strength to strength. We’ve currently got 70 clubs comprised of 650 members and internationally there are 11,300 members in 38 countries across continents Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

So, what are you waiting for ‘Ladies’? Give us a try and you never know; we might surprise you and you’ll be the one spreading the word at the next party!